Mirrors Lie…ask the Evil Queen


How do you know what you look like? Your reflection, right? How do you see your reflection? Through a mirror. What if there were no mirrors or no reflection of our bodies? What if our idea of how we looked was determined by how we feel? That is a scary concept. Especially, as you get older. Those days when you wake up feeling like a cat slept in your mouth and an elephant slept on your body…how would we imagine ourselves?

Every morning before going out for the day, (like most other women in the universe) I look at my finished self in the mirror to see what the world is going to see today. One day it dawned on me that what if this mirror is lying? How do you know if a mirror is telling the truth? How naive we are just to accept as truth what is reflected in a $10? $20? fabricated piece of metallicized cardboard!

I reflect (no pun intended) on last weekend’s marathon shopping day: Throughout the day I tried on clothes at several stores. One thing that I noticed is that most of the stores had nice, muted lighting and what I like to call “skinny” mirrors. I looked really, and I mean, REALLY good in those mirrors. So of course, I bought the clothes. Then there were the stores whose lighting and mirrors were less flattering…I did NOT buy clothes at those stores because, obviously, their mirrors lied.

So, last night as I am fixing to go out on the town, I put on a top that was purchased on the aforementioned shopping spree. As I checked out my look in the mirror, did it look like it did in the store?

Looks like I am going to have to buy myself a new mirror…Mine is definitely a liar! (So, is a $20 mirror more flattering than a $10 mirror? Hmmmm…)

This blog could also be called “Jean Sizes Lie”. Same concept…


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