Tip of the Day: How to Live with Cheap Jewelry and Look Great Doing It

I am going to share a couple of valuable tips that I have learned about wearing cheap jewelry. Because I LOVE jewelry! (and I’m too poor to buy good stuff) It’s a “bright, shiny object thing.” Must. have. the. bright. shiny. object.

Two things you must keep in your home if you are going to wear cheap jewelry:

jewelry cleaner

1) A jewelry cleaning solution – There are many out there and I’m sure many of them are good so I’m just going with what worked for me. I mostly wear silver jewelry so this has been invaluable.

I have heard from many people that toothpaste is a great jewelry cleaner. I have never had a lot of luck with this but apparently other folks do.

I bought this cleaner at WalMart over 5 years ago and still have plenty left. And, I use it A LOT! It has a tray that you place the jewelry in and dip into the solution for about 10 seconds, rinse with water and viola! Bright, shiny silver again.

I will give a word of warning about this product. It smells like my husband after feeding him a huge bowl of beans for supper. That is the purpose to washing it after dipping. So your jewelry doesn’t smell like fart.

At first, I thought that you could only dip sterling silver jewelry. Then, low and behold, a revelation came last summer from my bestie Kelly (who also happens to be the only person that can keep up with me at the thrift store.) She told me that I could put any old silver colored jewelry in there and it would do the same thing.

This opened a great and wonderful new world up to me. I had tons of necklaces that I was going to toss out because they had turned and now they look good as new. It was also dangerous. Because now I could also buy jewelry that other people who didn’t know this secret had tossed out. Mu-a-ha-ha.

2) Clear fingernail polish – I have been lucky to have never had an allergy to cheap jewelry. Notice, the past tenses, have, had. Mr. Luck finally decided to take a vacation.


I found a nice wristwatch at a thrift store for $5 (that only needed a $7 battery, go figure.) Still, not bad for a nice watch. I was so proud. Until I put it on. Within minutes my arm looked like a raspberry. So I put scotch tape on the back of it. Not very durable or attractive. I was voicing my woes at work when one of my co-workers, (we’ll call her Angela, because that’s her name) told me to paint the back with clear fingernail polish. How smart that Angela woman is. This works like a charm. As long as you’re not allergic to fingernail polish. Which I’m not. Yet.


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