Things You Buy Cheap and Things You Don’t


I am always the first in line to save a buck. I’m talking about money, silly…although I would also probably be the first in line to save a nice, big, handsome deer. Bambi warped me for life.

Anyhow, something that really gets my drawers in a knot is to pay more for something that has exactly the same ingredients as the “no name” brand just because it is a NAME BRAND. Usually. Most of the time. Okay, there are some exceptions and I thought that I would share just a few of the things that I consider to be “Things You Buy Cheap” and “Things You Don’t.” I realize that this is a personal choice thing, and many people would not be caught dead in anything but designer jeans. I just have one, no, three words to say to those people, “get over yourselves.”

Things You Buy Cheap

  1. Aluminum foil – I know there will be dispute on this but think about it. It is DISPOSABLE. Unless you’re my mother who probably still has every little piece of foil she ever used folded up in a neat little square in a drawer somewhere to reuse again, God bless her. If not, save the environment…USE LESS FOIL.
  2. Zip-loc bags – Same philosophy, they are also DISPOSABLE. I feel that anything that goes into a landfill should be the flimsiest thing you can get by with and still do it’s job. Use common sense. If you are going to be storing roadkill in your freezer then, yes, splurge on the heavy stuff.
  3. Spices – Yes, the Dollar Tree sells spices. So for basic, everyday spices, buy them for $1 a bottle.
  4. Kitchen towels – If you have a husband like mine, that wipes his dirty hands on them, they will be stained beyond repair in a matter of days anyway, so don’t waste money on nice towels. Except for when company comes and then lock him in a closet somewhere until they are gone.
  5. Snacks – Hear my logic on this one. Buy cheap, crappy snacks and you won’t eat as many. There. I’ve given you my diet plan.
  6. Jewelry – Okay, some jewelry. Please don’t go out and buy a big ol’ gawdy CZ and pretend that it’s a diamond. We all know that it isn’t. Unless you drive a Lambourghini. Then, you can probably get away with it. But for costume jewelry, chances are you will get tired of it or lose it before it breaks or turns green anyway. See my tips on “How to Live with Cheap Jewelry.”

Things You Don’t Buy Cheap

  1. Toilet paper – Absolutely, number one…(no pun intended) Pretty self-explanatory.
  2. Paper towels – If you have ever had to clean dog pee or poop up with paper towels, you will understand why you want the heaviest, dutiest, paper towel known to man.
  3. Bath towels – This one, I am a little on the fence about. Sometimes the cheap ones are more absorbant than those big ol’ fluffy monsters. But, try to wrap yourself in a cheap postage sized towel and it can be quite breezy. I use the cheap ones on the hair and the expensive ones on the bod. You make the call.
  4. Fabric softener – Nothing is better than Downy so don’t waste your money.
  5. Knives – Thank my husband for this one. I never owned a good knife until I married him. Hmmm?
  6. Cookware – Two words: annodized calphalon. It lasts forever.

I could probably go on for days but I would like to hear from you. What do you buy cheap and what do you fork out the “big bucks” for?


One thought on “Things You Buy Cheap and Things You Don’t

  1. I don’t know. Cheap aluminum foil bugs the crap out of me. It always rips before I can cover my food! I agree on the rest. And I bought a cheap towel recently that exploded green fuzzballs on everything that I own.

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