Record Clock Tutorial


I recently designed and painted a wall mural for the lunch room at Open Door Youth Services in New Albany, IN. In the process, it was decided that they needed a clock to fit the Hard Rock, or Hard Knock Cafe’, theme. So, what better than to make one out of an album? I have seen these all over Pinterest so I jumped at the chance to make one myself. This would also work great as a wedding, birthday or just a cheer up gift using a favorite song.

finished clock

It was really easy to make and very inexpensive (two of my favorite things.) Believe it or not, the hardest part of it was picking the right album at the thrift store. It had to be adolescent friendly, no obscenities in the titles, the right color, something that they at least had heard of and no scratches on it. It was a lot harder than you would think. The cost of the album was $1.00 and I found a tacky clock, still in the box, for $1.50. The rest of the stuff I had lying around the house.

I will show you how I made it and then I will share with you how you should make it. Yes, I figured out what NOT to do so you won’t have to.


Clock workings are pretty much a no brainer. You may have an old clock that you don’t use any more that you can remove and use or you can buy one at a craft store, they are not super expensive. I just popped this one out of the clock from the thrift store.

The next dilemma was that I wanted some way to mark the hours. My first thought was that I would drill holes and the light colored wall would show through. I didn’t count on the fact that it is dark behind the album so they didn’t show up. Duh…okay, no blonde comments, please.


Then I thought of thumbtacks. My problem was that I had drilled the holes too big so there wasn’t enough surface to glue the tacks to. So, if you are making this clock, drill the holes tiny and you can just clip off the point with wire cutters and glue them on.


My solution was to use these felt tabs that I had lying around on the backside. They are adhesive on the back so I was able to just push the tack through the hole and into the pad then bend the tack over for extra security.


For the last step, I glued the clock to the back side with Goop and used a pull tab from a can for the hanger, also glued on with Goop. Goop is my glue of choice, it has never let me down. Ask my husband, “the Goopinator.”


When I hung it on the wall it tilted down so to make it more level I added two of the felt pads right above the battery compartment.

Long live Rock-n-Roll!


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