Current Store Addiction

At the Christmas party at work this year I was touting all the glories of my latest favorite store to buy new stuff, Big Lots. I was totally enamored by all of the cool things that I bought as Christmas presents for others and yes, maybe just a few for myself.

Well, since then I have discovered another favorite store for a completely different reason. ..because it’s cheap. I’m not talking kinda cheap or a little cheap, I’m talking really, really cheap. Like, everything in the store a dollar cheap. Yep, I guess you know where I’m talking about. If you don’t, here is a little clue:

dollar tree

Okay, so that was a little obvious.

I had shopped at the Dollar Tree before for things because, let’s face it, there are some things you buy that it doesn’t matter if they are cheap; sunglasses and reading glasses, for instance. To me, those things are disposable. I could have a hundred pairs of sunglasses and reading glasses and still not have a pair around when I needed them. Look for my future post: Things You Buy Off Brand and Things You Don’t Skimp On.

But what really got me interested in the Dollar Tree was a website that I discovered on Pinterest called Dollar Store Crafts. They have some good ideas for crafts using supplies from the dollar stores. But more importantly, it began my wheels turning on how I could look at things with a crafter’s eye when shopping at the Dollar Tree.

I had a project in the works to re-purpose a lamp for my daughter’s new apartment. It had a good shape but was painted black and didn’t fit her decor at all. We had talked about covering it with rope so I bought a roll of sisal at the craft store for $8. On the way home I stopped at the Dollar Tree to pick up some things and while walking down one of the aisles I spotted rope used for clotheslines. I loved the colors and thought they would look great covering the lamp. So I bought one of each color for a total of $3. I could have just used one color and only been out a buck but I’m just kind of extravagant like that.

Here is the finished product. I guess there is a good reason why I liked the colors. It goes with my living room perfectly. Funny how it worked out that way.

lamp duo

So, next time you are in the Dollar Tree take a look around. I think you will be amazed at all the crafts waiting to be discovered there. It might just become your favorite “cheap” store, as well. Cheep? Bills? I really think I could tie it all together if I worked hard enough…but who wants to work that hard…


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