Lazy Woman’s Cooking: Summer Salami Sammie

lazy womanI will be posting from time to time super easy meals to make. I am a lazy woman when it comes to cooking so if you see something in my blog labeled LW, you can be sure that it will be super easy.

One thing that I look for on the rare occasions that I venture into the kitchen, are items that can be used off of the shelf. That said, this was easy for me because I already had all of these items. Sometimes that is not the case…okay, most of the time that is not the case because I detest grocery stores. But today happened to come on the heals of a Big Lots/Aldi run so I had some interesting things to work with.

If you haven’t discovered the food section at Big Lots, I encourage you to check it out. If you have read my blog before, you probably know that Big Lots is one of my favorite stores. They have lots of interesting canned and dry goods that are fun to try and are very inexpensive.

Something I recently discovered that is especially good for those of you who don’t like mayonaise, is quacamole dip in a jar. I love avacado but I hate the fact that the minute you cut an avacado it begins to turn brown. So I use this in place of mayo on sandwiches and it is awesome! I like to think it is healthier than mayo but that is probably me just deluding myself.

Summer Salami Sammie

Whole wheat sandwich skinny – Aldi
Guacamole dip – Big Lots
1 piece of salami per sandwich (this is mostly just for flavor) – Aldi
I slice of cheese or sprinkle with parmesan cheese – Aldi
Raw leaf spinach – Aldi
I use spinach from the bag because I’m lazy, it gives you more nutrition and seems to last longer in the fridge.
Black olives – Big Lots frequently carries several different varieties of olives such as Kalamatas, green, etc.
Tomato – Aldi
Top tomato with pepper and garlic powder or garlic salt.


Like I said, these are just things that I already had but here are some things that could be kept on hand and used off the shelf:

Artichokes in place of spinach
Roasted Red Peppers if you don’t have any fresh tomatoes
Summer sausage, canned tuna or chicken
French Fried Onions – I keep these on hand at all times to substitute these for fresh onion in tons of things because being a LW, I hate to chop onions and I love the crunchy onion flavor.

I would love to hear more ideas on great foods that you use off the shelf. Let me know your go to off the shelf food of choice!


2 thoughts on “Lazy Woman’s Cooking: Summer Salami Sammie

  1. Regarding your comment about avocados – Tom and I love them also, but I’ve always thought that if I made guacamole I’d have to serve/eat it immediately. My sister gave me this tip – once you have mashed your avocado (whether to use as is or for guacamole) just cover the entire surface with a small sheet of plastic (Saran) wrap – it’s the air getting to the fruit that causes the discoloration. Put another piece of plastic wrap over the bowl and it will keep in the fridge for at least 24 hours! When I cut up an avocado in a salad, I put the avocado pieces in the bottom of the bowl and then add the rest of the ingredients (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, . . .) I don’t add the salad dressing or toss the salad until I’m ready to serve it. Hope this helps.

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