Lookin’ Scarftastic

scarftasticSo I needed a scarf model and poor Odin was so humiliated that he wouldn’t even look at the camera. “Boys wearing scarves..harumph,” he says. “I’m a big scary pitbull, what will this do to my image?” he says. Life as the dog of a blogger is never easy.

I have decided that scarves are proof that all women are not created equal. I love scarves, but mostly on other women. They always look so good on them and then when I put one on I feel like I am wearing a large animal around my neck. I blame it on the girls. Yes, you know which girls I’m talking about: the two girls below your neck and above your stomach. If you look at women that really look good in scarves their girls are tiny. If you happen to have girls that enter a room long before the rest of you does, then that’s a different story.

So, here is my rule of thumb. If you have large girls, long scarves that hang down between them draw the eye down the body. For small girls, keep the scarf up around the neck and it will add more bulk to the area in which you are lacking.

I was so thrilled to find this chart on Pinterest. It shows 40 different ways to tie a scarf. What is even better, is that their webite, Scarves DOT NET has a knot library with tutorials showing how to tie them.

I can’t wait to get started tying one on…hehe. ¬†Scroll down to see a fun video of another girl that just loves her scarves!


While at my friend Kelly’s house she showed me how her dog Allie would pick out which bandana she wanted to wear for the day. She did it once and I was sceptical so Kelly changed the hands that the bandana was in and here she is picking it a second time from the different hand. Girldog knows what she likes!


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