How Crayzmadre Came to Be

How did the name Crayzmadre come about, you might ask? When my daughter was in high school she and I performed as a mother/daughter duo. She plays the violin and I play the guitar and we performed together at little joints around town. We had to have a name for our group and she dubbed us “Crayzmadre.” It was my idea to spell it backwards…I figured if you were going to be CRAZY you might as well look CRAYZ!

Now she is a full-time musician and plays in a band of her own named River Whyless. Still, somehow the name Crayzmadre has stuck. I really have no idea why.

Life has been filled with many wonderful adventures so far: traveling the country in a travel trailer, homesteading on a farm, raising a daughter, raising three husbands…hehe, living in the rural mountains of North Carolina and now adapting to city life in Louisville, Kentucky.

I am an avid thrifter and believe in re-purposing first and buying new second.
I love to share stories about the funny things that happen to us on this road we call life and hope you might get a chuckle out of them, also. Thank you for joining me on the journey.

“Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.” Arnold H. Glasgow


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